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We offer a personalized service tailored to meet the customer demand, warranty and advice with bureaucratic issues between the authorities and public utility companies, taking care of the necessary formalities in relation to:

- New installation in homes, offices and hotels, etc.
- Low-voltage networks
- Modernization or rehabilitation of housing and facilities
- Decorative indoor and outdoor lighting

Option LED lighting: residential lighting and surfaces with the innovative LED system that provides a combination of light quality and energy efficiency. Optimal long-term performance and energy efficiency, an investment for the future.

New: Biocompatible electrical installations in single family homes.
The purpose of our biocompatible electrical installation in residential buildings is to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields that are generated by the combination of receivers (lights, appliances, etc.)

For the customers' convenience and to facilitate their selections, we create non-binding cost estimates.

24 hour Technical Support.